Happy hens lay healthy eggs.

Free Farming

Our hens are raised so well that we don’t have to use antibiotics. We at OVO, practice hallmark quality control that ensures antibiotic-free farming. We are committed to producing safe, high-quality eggs by keeping our hens healthy and disease-free. Our strict European standards involve safety measures that ensure no use of antibiotics in feed or water. Our lab tests every fortnight ensure our flocks are free from any respiratory infections or bacterial diseases.

Good Eggs. Good Food. Good Life.

driven Farming

At OVO, we have an advanced and fully-automated poultry farm. Our state-of-the-art farming technology ensures a complete computer-controlled ventilation, flock feeding and egg collection that keeps the flock safe from contamination. Infact, it is our technology that has given us a recognition from several food safety authorities of India. When India thinks technology-driven farming, it thinks of us.

Happy homes make healthy hens.


We at OVO, have an expertise on innovative farm processes to improve chicken’s well-being, food safety and environmental conditions for a high quality produce. We follow European Sanitary Standards not only to prevent diseases but also for our packaging.

Everyday care keeps flocks healthy.


We follow both routine-everyday measures and high-risk procedures on the outbreak or emergency, to ensure health is a mission possible everyday.

Increase your eggs’pectation with anti-oxidants Packed with

Carotenoids are pigments that give fruits and vegetables their vibrant red, orange and yellow colors. They act as antioxidants and are enriched with cancer-fighting properties.

Health Benefits of Carotenoids-added eggs

Carotenoids increase the anti-oxidative status of the egg, thus helping preserve its freshness. Not only this, Carotenoids have an immense value for human health and must be included in the diet. Here are some of the health benefits;

Our flocks are divas of cleanliness.

At OVO, we aim to provide the most hygienic eggs and hence do not compromise on the quality. For freshness, uniformity and shelf life of eggs, we follow strict hygiene rules.

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